CNC Machining - Plastic Materials

We offer a variety of machined parts made from various types of plastics including ABS, acetal, nylon, PET, PPE, and more. The below table has additional information on all the available plastic materials we have available.

CNC Machining - Plastic Parts
CNC Machined - Plastic Parts

CNC Materials Plastics Cost
ABS - Black (ABS) Plastic Low
ABS - Natural (ABS) Plastic Low
PC+ABS - Black Plastic High
ABS-Flame Retardant - Black (ABS-FR) Plastic High
Acetal 20% Glass Filled - Natural (Delrin 570) Plastic Very High
Acetal Copolymer - White (Acetal Copolymer) Plastic Medium
Acetal Homopolymer - Black (Delrin 150) Plastic Medium
Acetal Homopolymer - Natural (White) (Delrin 150) Plastic Medium
Acetal Static Dissipative - Tan (Tecaform SD) Plastic Very High
CPVC - Gray (CPVC) Plastic Medium
HDPE - Natural (White) (High Density Polyethylene) Plastic Medium
LDPE - Natural (Low Density Polyethylene) Plastic Medium
Nylon 6 - Black (Nylon 6) Plastic Medium
Nylon 6 - Light Blue (Nylon 6) Plastic Medium
Nylon 6/6 - Black (Nylon 6/6) Plastic Medium
Nylon 6/6 - Natural (Nylon 6/6) Plastic Medium
Nylon 6/6 15%GF - Natural (Nylon 6/6 15%GF) Plastic Medium
Nylon 6/6 30%GF - Natural (Nylon 6/6 30%GF) Plastic Very High
PC - Black (Polycarbonate) Plastic High
PC - Clear (Polycarbonate) Plastic Medium
PC 20% GF - Black (Polycarbonate 20% GF) Plastic Very High
PEEK - Natural (PEEK) Plastic Very High
PEI - Natural (Ultem 1000) Plastic Very High
PEI - Black (Ultem 1000) Plastic Very High
PEI 30% GF - Natural (Ultem 30% GF 2300) Plastic Very High
PET - Natural (White) (Polyethylene Terephthalate) Plastic High
PMMA - Clear (Acrylic) Plastic Medium
PP Homopolymer - Black (Polypropylene Homopoly) Plastic Low
PP Homopolymer - Natural (Polypropylene Homopoly) Plastic Low
PP Copolymer - Natural (Polypropylene Copoly) Plastic Low
PPE + PS - Black (Noryl 265) Plastic High
PPSU - Black (Radel R 5500) Plastic Very High
PSU (HIPS) - White (Polystyrene) Plastic Very High
PSU - Natural (Polysulfone) Plastic Very High
PTFE - White (Teflon) Plastic Very High
PVC - Gray (PVC) Plastic Low
UHMW - Natural (UHMW) Plastic Medium